New: The safest, fastest & most efficient IPL¹



New: The safest, fastest & most efficient IPL¹

  • Permanent hair reduction in 4 weeks
  • Treat both legs in 5 minutes
  • Number of flashes is 400,000
  • 3 comfort modes available


The most efficient IPL for permanent hair reduction in just 4 weeks.

The Silk-expert Pro continuously reads skin tone 80x per second and automatically adapts the light intensity for the perfect balance between safety and efficiency.


The precision head allows you to tackle smaller or tricky areas like the face, bikini line or underarms. Gentle and extra gentle settings reduce the energy level for beginners or sensitive areas.


400,000 flashes deliver an equivalent to 24 years of treatment. The 10 intensity levels ensure the light intensity is right for your skin tone.


The Silk-expert Pro is the perfect tool to tackle the hair on his chest, back, arms, stomach and legs.

The safest and Fast IPL thanks to SensoAdapt™ technology.

Treat both legs in less than 5 minutes at the lowest energy level. The gliding mode triggers more flashes for the fastest treatment while the stamp mode provides a more precise treatment, suitable for maller and sensitive areas.


Step 1

Remove all visible hair in the area you wish to treat with your preferred hair removal method. Ensure there is no hair remaining above the surface of the skin. Then pat your skin dry.


Step 2

select the standard head or the precision head depending on the size of the area you wish to treat. Plug in the Braun Silk-expert Pro.


Step 3

Put the nozzle in full contact with the skin to make sure the product works correctly. If not in proper contact with the skin, the device will not work.


Step 4

For larger body areas use gliding mode: hold down the button and treat along your skin. For smaller areas, press and release the button. For sensitive areas or if it’s your first time, you can use the gentle or extra gentle mode.


Step 5

It is important to wipe clean the nozzle after every use.


Step 6

In the first phase of your treatment, treat once a week for 4 - 12 weeks. Then adjust to your needs (i.e. every 1-2 months). The result is permanent visible hair removal.

1. Permanent visible hair removal.

7 reasons to IPL at home with Braun

1. Permanent visible hair removal.

While other methods only temporarily remove body hair and you can watch it growing back, Braun Silk-expert Pro tackles the issue at the root: after an initial shave, it puts hair follicles to sleep and breaks the cycle of hair regrowth. The result is permanent visible hair removal and permanently smooth skin.

1. Permanent visible hair removal.

7 reasons to IPL at home with Braun

2. Safe and tailored to your skin.

Braun Silk-expert Pro is the only IPL with SensoAdapt™ technology. A cutting edge skin tone sensor which continuously scans the skin tone and automatically adjusts the light intensity. The ideal amount of light is delivered with every pulse for safe and effective use.

1. Permanent visible hair removal.

7 reasons to IPL at home with Braun

3. An effective at-home solution.

Braun Silk-expert Pro is inspired by the latest professional IPL technology used in salons and Dermatology clinics. Braun has adapted the technology for safe and effective use in the comfort of your own home.

1. Permanent visible hair removal.

7 reasons to IPL at home with Braun

4. Fast treatments.

With Braun Silk-expert Pro you can treat both legs in less than 5 minutes, at the lowest energy level. Use the gliding mode to trigger more flashes for larger areas or the stamp mode for precise treatments in smaller or sensitive areas.

1. Permanent visible hair removal.

7 reasons to IPL at home with Braun

5. Gentle and virtually painless.

Braun Silk-expert Pro emits a warm light and discomfort levels are very minimal. There’s even a gentle and an extra gentle mode for first-time users or for treating sensitive areas, such as the face or bikini line.

1. Permanent visible hair removal.

7 reasons to IPL at home with Braun

6. Convenient.

As a corded device, you get uninterrupted treatment on maximum power. This removes any need to recharge the device whilst in the middle of a treatment.

1. Permanent visible hair removal.

7 reasons to IPL at home with Braun

7. Money well spent

Compared to the costs of salon hair removal methods, it doesn’t take long to see the financial benefit of this at-home IPL device.

Read all Braun Silk Expert FAQ’s

Why isn’t IPL suitable for darker skin tones?

Since dark skin contains more melanin, it could absorb more than the safe, recommended amount of light energy which may cause discomfort.

Do I need to stay out of the sun before IPL?

If your skin tone got darker due to artificial or natural tanning and your skin does not suffer from any irritation the Braun Silk-expert Pro device can be used as it will automatically adjust the energy level to the safest and most efficacious level and it will also tell you should your skin have become to dark for treatment.

Is it suitable for men to use?

Men can use Braun Silk-expert Pro from the shoulders down (chest, back, arms, stomach, legs). It should not be used on the face, neck or genital area. Use on male beards or facial hair may lead to uneven results.

Is IPL suitable for intimate areas?

IPL is safe for use on the bikini line, but it isn’t suitable for the genital area where the skin may have a darker colour and where there is a greater hair density, which would absorb more light energy and may cause discomfort.

Can I use IPL on my face?

Braun Silk-expert Pro is safe for use on the face below the cheekbones. It shouldn’t be used near the eyes and along the forehead. It works effectively on the upper lip, chin and jawline. We recommend doing a patch test before use.

How long will it take to see results?

The typical hair growth cycle varies between individuals and could take up to 18-24 months, depending on body area (underarm, lower leg and bikini area can take the most time). Since only hairs in their growing phase are susceptible to treatment with light, it is important to do multiple treatments to achieve continuously smooth skin. For this reason, we recommend a start-up phase of 4-12 weekly treatments to achieve optimum results. If you no longer see hair growing, you do not need to complete the full 12 weekly treatments. You can switch to maintenance treatments.

How often will I have to treat to maintain the hair removal results?

After completing your start-up phase, you can continue to treat according to your needs. Re-treat on a per need basis.

How should I care for my skin after IPL?

We recommend avoiding exposure to artificial light sources, such as tanning booths or solariums. Avoid any activity or skin products that may irritate your skin for 24 hours after treatment. This includes using hot tubs or saunas, wearing tight- fitting clothing, using bleaching creams, perfumed products or peeling products. The above may cause irritation, such as itching and redness, in the treated areas.

Do I need to stay out of the sun after IPL?

After treatment, we recommend using sunscreen SPF 15 whenever treated areas may be exposed to the sun.

Can Silk-expert Pro be used by women who are pregnant or teenagers?

As the product has not been tested among these groups it should not be used.

Do I need to use gels or buy replacement lamps?

Braun Silk-expert Pro works without the need of additional lotions or gels and there is no need to purchase replacement lamps like with other devices.

Do I need to wear goggles?

There is no need to wear goggles when using Silk-expert Pro. The skin contact sensors ensure that the device can only be triggered when in contact with the skin and the light visible during treatment is perfectly safe.

What are the features of Braun IPL?

Braun Silk·expert Pro 5 is the safest, fastest and most efficient IPL hair removal device for visible hair reduction in just 4 weeks. It automatically and continuously adapts to your skin tone to ensure efficiency and safety. Its safe for use on your legs, arms, underarms, bikini area, & on the face below the cheekbone. Its recommended by the Skin Health Alliance & cleared by the FDA

What are the advantages of using Braun IPL vs traditional hair removal methods?

The new generation Braun IPL is much faster and less painful than it used to be, because larger sections of skin can now be treated in one go. In many cases, hair is discouraged from ever growing back, or if it does, the hair tends to be very fine and thin. With at-home IPL, you can conveniently remove unwanted hair and treat as needed without the hassle of appointments or additional costs.


The Braun Silk-expert Pro IPL app helps you track your treatments and follow your progress. It also shows you how the SensoAdapt™ skin-tone sensor works and how best to use the device.